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Oral endotracheal tube Preformed RAE
Oral endotracheal tube Preformed RAE
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【product advantages】
1. The pre-forming angle is consistent with the oral cavity, which is convenient for clinical operation and use;
2, using medical grade PVC raw materials, good biocompatibility;
3. High-capacity low-pressure airbags to improve product safety;
4, with Murphy hole, can effectively prevent airway obstruction
5, special treatment at the end to reduce the damage to the human airway when the trachea is inserted;
6, the cuff is soft, the wall of the cuff is thin, the wound tube will not cause trauma, and the cannula and the trachea can be effectively sealed;
7. The one-way valve can conveniently and effectively inflate and deflate the cuff;

1, can be applied to adults, children, newborns;
2, the product is ethylene oxide (EO) sterilization, single-use products;
3, the product is available in both sac and non-sac.
4, according to the use of products can be divided into oral, nasal, nose and mouth, etc.