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PVC classic (with cuff) endotracheal tube
PVC classic (with cuff) endotracheal tube
Product Category: PVC endotracheal tube
view: 1924 
Disposable tracheal tube (PVC common tube):
【product advantages】
1. It is made of medical grade PVC raw materials and has good biocompatibility;
2. High-capacity low-pressure airbags to improve product safety;
3, with Murphy hole, can effectively prevent airway obstruction
4, special treatment at the end to reduce the damage to the human airway when the trachea is inserted;
5, the cuff is soft, the wall of the cuff is thin, the wound can not be wound when the tube is inserted, and the cannula and the trachea can be effectively sealed;
6. The one-way valve can conveniently and effectively inflate and deflate the cuff;
1, can be applied to adults, children, newborns;
2, the product is ethylene oxide (EO) sterilization, single-use products;
3. The product is available in both sac and non-sac.
4, according to the use of products can be divided into oral, nasal, nose and nose and other styles.