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Anesthesia Circuit
Anesthesia Circuit
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Disposable Ventilator Breathing Circuit establish the artificial airway to transmit the anesthesia gas.
Scope of application:Use with the anesthesia device,aspirator,moistener and moist sprayer
Brief Introduction:    
The product is composed of respiratory tube, change over joint, connecting joint and connecting valve. Optional components: right-angle connector, adapter tube, regulating valve, oxygen tube, water collecting cup, breathing sack, mask and filter. 
Supply anesthetic gas or oxygen through tube.
Intended use:
As t


he passage for the medical gases into the patient's body, such as anesthetic gas, oxygen, etc.
Products photo

REF NumberDescription
BC-A-16C1.6 meter, Adult corrugated circuit
BC-A-16E1.6 meter, Adult expandable circuit
BC-A-10C1.0 meter, Adult corrugated circuit
BC-P-10C1.0 meter, Pediatric corrugated circuit
BC-P-10C21.0 meter, Adult corrugated circuit,with 3L breathing bag