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Why use the closed suction tube? What is the function of the closed suction tube?

2021/3/24 1024
Why use the closed suction tube? What is the function of the closed suction tube?

We know that in the intensive care unit, many patients have to be mechanically ventilated through tracheal intubation or tracheotomy. These patients have lost the function of the upper respiratory tract to warm and humidify the inhaled air, and these patients are critically ill patients with very low immunity and are prone to endogenous infections. Mechanical ventilation inhibits the body's cough reflex function. Sputum suction is the only means of expelling secretions from the respiratory system. As an invasive operation, sputum suction in the trachea is prone to cause exogenous infection.1. Reduce the chance of infection and have strong operational safety.As an invasive technical operation, sputum suction is an external stimulus to the body, and has some negative effects, such as infections and other side effects. The use of closed sputum suction can significantly reduce the incidence of lung infections in the ICU. The time of lung infection is late, indicating that closed sputum suction has a protective effect on the patient's airway, can reduce the chance of infection, and at the same time avoids the pollution of people, objects, and the environment caused by the discharge of secretions, and improves the safety of medical staff .2. Improve the efficiency of nursing workCompared with open suction, the application of the closed suction tube reduces the number of times to open the disposable suction tube, disconnect from the ventilator, and reconnect the ventilator, the operation process is significantly shortened, time is saved, and work is improved. effectiveness.
3. Keep the condition of mechanical ventilation treatment stableClosed suction can better maintain the mechanical ventilation state during suction, and ensure the relative stability of the lung pressure before and after suction.At the same time, the closed sputum suction does not need to be offline, which gives the patient a sense of security.All in all, the closed sputum suction operation is not only safe and non-invasive, but also has the advantages of keeping the mechanical ventilation treatment conditions relatively stable. It can also effectively prevent the occurrence of lung infections and improve work efficiency. It is especially suitable for COVID19. Of severely ill patients with pneumonia.