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Cuanz Staff go to Jiangxi Wuyuan for the most beautiful rapeseed flowers

2019-4-9 713
Cuanz is a comprehensive scientific and technological innovation enterprise, mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of medical catheters in the fields of breathing, anesthesia, and severe diseases. We has our own R&D team and our own production site: 100,000 square meters Grade GMP clean workshop; Our company's production and operation activities are strictly in accordance with national and international requirements to operate the quality management system, and passed the CE and ISO13485 system certification.

Day 1: Dahe Long Beach Restaurant - Taste the specialties of Wuyuan, Dalongshan Wolong Valley Scenic Area - Negative Oxygen Forest Oxygen Bar.

Day 2: Dali Hang / Xiao Hong Kong Street - Sketch Art Village, Sixi Yancun - Powder Wall, Wat Ming and Qing Ancient Buildings, Changshou Guli Hongcun - Canola Flower Field Hanfu Filming.

Day 3: Huangling - "the most beautiful Chinese symbol", visit Tianjie, view "sun autumn", cross the cable bridge, and enjoy the terraces.

During the tour, everyone obey the command of General Manager Yu Jian, and traveled together to help each other. Everyone said: "The company's meticulously organized tourism activities have freed us from the busy work and truly realized the combination of work and rest, which is conducive to our own physical and mental health. In the future, we will be more full of spirit and face for the company. Create brilliant!"

Our company has always adhered to the corporate culture of customer first, quality products, quality life and harmonious development. We hope to build a career platform for every employee and let everyone enjoy their own charm. This tour not only eased the stress and tension of the employees, but also enhanced the team cohesiveness and fully demonstrated the entrepreneurial spirit of our company. Everyone will devote more enthusiasm to future work. In the future, we must not only base on existing products: laryngeal mask tracheal intubation, tracheal intubation, double lumen bronchial intubation, bronchial intubation, endotracheal intubation assembly, respiratory filter, anesthesia and respiratory tubing, suction tube , extension tube, guide wire, oxygen mask,  airway, we mu点击打开链接st continue to research and development innovation, to provide more intimate, more satisfactory, more assured products for the majority of doctors, to provide better services to customers.