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Shandong Medical Expo-Hangzhou Trifanz Medical held a grand investment promotion conference

2021/3/22 1107
Our company successfully completed its participation in the International Medical Equipment Expo in Shandong on March 17-19, and achieved great success and won various praises. Distributors and hospitals all over the site have come to discuss cooperation. At the same time, because of the good feedback of our products, we were invited by the Shandong Medical Expo to conduct an on-site investment promotion event. The dealers on the spot enthusiastically added our local regional manager’s WeChat, and a batch of new cooperation intentions immediately emerged. , To consult: tracheal intubation, laryngeal mask, breathing tube, filter bag, intubation bag, closed suction tube, occluder and other products.Later, they came to the company booth in large quantities for further discussion and cooperation. This exhibition has achieved extraordinary results, which motivates us to strengthen the company's products, provide good customer service, and strive to become a cutting-edge enterprise in anesthesia and respiratory consumables.